Never before, in this time of little citizens participation in the political life of the country and profound disillusionment with democratic institutions, we are overexposed to the omnipresence of politicians in the media: politicians on talk shows, gossip magazines, blogs, social networks… in a cacophonous succession of messages, slogans, promises. A carousel that evolves over time in terms of language but whose message remains dramatically equal to itself.

Amarcord Politique collects campaign speeches of the Italian political leaders from 1992: the year in which it seemed Italian political DNA was about to change forever. It deconstructs these speeches, randomly fragmenting politics monologues into moving images crumbling in millions of pixels, which spread into the ether as fungal spores, in a ceaseless, perpetual cathode tunnel. A sort of futuristic Plato’s Cave where people are trapped, forced to observe the shadows and listen to the echo of the voices of a perennial election campaign.

The images are processed in real time through a program developed in Processing. Through the use of an infrared camera, the presence of visitors creates interference elements in the image stream.