Logo Design and Visual Identities

Here you have a selection, in random order, of logo designs that Blumagenta has crafted in the past years. Our approach to logo design is very simple: elements that do not add something relevant to the meaning, don’t fit into the design of the logo.
The logos we design are often essential and minimalistic, indeed our challenge is to make something as simple and at the same time as strong as possible. Qualities that make a Logo strong are originality, readability, and recognizability but, most of all, a good logo design must clearly communicate the identity of the brand and connect with its own audience.

In some cases, Blumagenta has been involved in the conceptual genesis of the brand itself; to be asked to contribute to the process that brings a new brand and its visual identity to life is a great honor and a big responsibility we are very proud of.

In any case, our approach to logo design and brand identities necessarily always starts from a deep understanding of the client and its market, therefore is very much a made-to-measure sartorial process.

Some of the following logos have been featured/published in “Innovation in Logo Design” (Rotovision), “Spaghetti Grafica” (De Agostini), “Tres Logos”, “Los Logos 4”, “Los Logos 6”, “Los Logos Compass” (Die Gestalten Verlag), “Freewave” (Booth-Clibborn Editions).