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“I don’t believe in revolutionary design, but I do believe that reactionary designs exist. It’s always easier to perpetuate the same forms and contents rather than to search out new ones.” 

— Pierre Bernard

What Blumagenta can do for you

Creative Consultancy, Art Direction and Graphic Design for visual communication projects, through a bold, conceptual approach, thanks to long-time experience in traditional and digital media. 

Specialisations include: graphic identities, logo design, illustrations, product graphic design, interaction design. 

Blumagenta works with AD agencies, design firms, in-house corporate marketing and communication departments, but also with brave small businesses owners, to develop and boost effective communication strategies, produce compelling illustrative designs, intriguing copy and visuals.

Blumagenta aims to deliver striking, innovative products, across a wide range of media; loves creating thought-provoking visuals, conceiving guerrilla marketing strategies and viral campaigns on social media, for a good cause.

Here are some things we specially love to do:


  • Conceptualize the visual identity of your start-up and/or your upcoming product from scratch.
  • Redesign your old creepy logo, you had designed for few bucks by a friend of a friend, that you now regret (it happens, don’t blame yourself too much).
  • Design coherent and cohesive corporate and brand identities to cement your brand visual identity and spread brand awareness across your audience.
  • Conceive cutting-edge communication strategies and cross media advertising campaigns to help your business grow further.
  • Draw captivating illustrations to enhance the appearance of your products’ graphic design, the visuals for an advertising campaign, an infographic to visualize concepts through data, or simply an invite for a very special event.



How it gets done

Every good work starts with a good briefing. “Form follows function” not just in architecture and industrial design but also in visual communication so, the shape of the message should primarily relate to its intended purpose and it does need solid foundations, derived from well thought brand and market analysis, which are the basis of a good creative brief. 

Depending on the project’s nature and entity, Blumagenta can work alone or build up a dedicated team: a creative think tank, composed of professionals selected by a reliable network of creative high-skilled people.

Blumagenta’s approach at work is ethical, passionate and enthusiastic but also very rational and focused; even when timelenes are hectic.

Since the beginning, Blumagenta always favored quality over quantity; today, after often working abroadhaving decided to finally settle down in Lucca -a small, lovely, city in the middle of Tuscany- and therefore inevitably have chosen to be more “local” and less “global”, is even more important to pick carefully the projects to get involved inBlumegenta is indeed a tiny atelier aiming to stay small but relevant.

That said, provided a proper budget plan, within a reasonable deadline, there are no ideas Blumagenta can’t explore and develop to their full potentialities. Big or small, you can be assured that every project we decide to embark on is equally important to us and will get nothing less than our best.